Can I cure a astigmatism naturally?

By July 30, 2015 Astigmatism No Comments

An astigmatism is a vision disorder in which a persons vision becomes blurred. This occurs when the face of the cornea becomes damaged. This can occur from extending eyes too often is just from old age. This condition is fairly common and may not be harmful in instances that are little; nonetheless, it can be quite debilitating for some. While laser surgery is an alternative, many are choosing to try natural astigmatism correction procedures first.

Rest your eyes
You must take care to rest your eyes often from getting worse over time to keep astigmatism. Take a couple of minutes to do something different, when you discover that your eyes are feeling strained and tired and try and rest your eyes.

Eye exercises
Practice exercising your eyes to improve the muscle tone and reduce the astigmatism. These will save you hundreds of dollars in medical bills and exercises just take a little of your time. If you’ll commit to these exercises, you may see some radical changes in your eyesight, although many are skeptical.

One process of natural astigmatism correction includes swinging a pendulum or other item over your head. Practice holding your head still while following the item with your eyes. Additionally, doing things that involve hand to eye coordination will strengthen the eye muscles and sharpen your vision too.

Shifting focus
You can even practice alternating near and far away reading.

Specific contact lenses
There’s also a new method of treatment involving specific contact lenses which are designed to slowly reshape the cornea. This really is a treatment that’s been proven quite powerful and is painless, though it hasn’t been extensively used. This process is called Orthokeratology.

Learn and practice other natural astigmatism correction approaches so which you can use your eyes in ways that allows for effortless and balanced seeing without the help of contacts or eye glasses.